The Power of Dua

One thing that is too often underestimated is the power of making supplications. When making supplications, you are directly talking to the Almighty — whether that be asking for something or being grateful. The largest power of prayer and supplications is that these are the line to Allah (swt). This is the way one can directly talk to their Rabb.
It is narrated through a Hadith that under specific conditions, the power of Dua becomes stronger. Rain is one of these conditions. Often times when I wake up in the morning and I see that there’s rain in the forecast all day, I get a little disappointed that it won’t be a “lively” day. But I think we should instead see rainy days as beneficial to us and take them to our advantage. As days that we have a closer line to Al-Azeez. And a reminder that Al-Aleem is indeed the all-knowing!